Materials specialist and pioneer of peelable heat shrink tubing (PHST) technology, Junkosha Inc., has initiated a license agreement with Texas-based Heat Shrink Innovations LLC to enable it to use Junkosha’s patented technologies to manufacture PHST products. The license agreement is part of Junkosha’s wider licensing program designed to enable diffusion of this technology more broadly across the global medical device market.

Junkosha ultra small PHST. (Credit: Junkosha)

According to Junkosha, its PHST solution is the industry’s first peelable FEP heat shrink tubing that answers medical professionals’ needs for an easy, cost-effective way to remove the outer lining from catheters and guidewires without harming the underlying substrate. It says the agreement reinforces its technology position at the forefront of this expanding sector at a time when precision engineered, miniaturized micro catheters and guidewires are becoming a necessity for an increasing amount of procedures.

“The market is creating its own momentum, within which an increasing number of customers are leveraging this valuable technology,” says Joe Rowan, president and CEO. Rowan is responsible for driving the global expansion of the company in strategic markets, including medical products. “It is no longer a product only used by ‘early adopters,’ but rather has now entered the mainstream. Indeed, we are continuing to innovate in this category which we have pioneered. Backed by our unmatched experience and innovative track record in materials science and fluoropolymers, our patented solutions are increasingly in demand by customers and competitors alike.”

The company’s newest PHST products include an ultra-small (0.009 in. REC ID) and a high-shrink ratio (2:1) PHST. “These products have been created based on customers’ unmet needs, further supporting the wider industry belief that peelable heat shrink tubing is a strong consideration for both new designs and upgrading of legacy designs.”