Stretchable and transparent electrodes — called omnidirectionally stretchable electrodes — have been developed for applications in flexible and wearable electronics. For practical applications, the electrical and optical properties of stretchable electrodes should be independent of the directions of the applied stress.

The textured graphene showed high effective stresses (about 17 GPa) at the local edge area and low effective stresses (~ 10 MPa at ~90 percent area on the film). (Credit: Ho Seok Park/Sungkyunkwan University)

Researchers reported a simple and cost-effective approach for the fabrication of omnidirectionally stretchable and transparent graphene electrodes that provide both mechanical durability and performance reliability. The use of a Fresnel lens-patterned electrode allows multilayered graphene sheets to achieve a concentric circular wavy structure, which is capable of sustaining tensile strains in all directions. The electrodes exhibited high optical transparency, low sheet resistance, and reliable electrical performances under various deformation conditions.

The researchers also used computer simulations to investigate the response of a Fresnel lens-patterned structure on the application of mechanical stresses. This study can be significant for many potential applications, ranging from stretchable devices to electronic components in various wearable integrated systems.