Steute Wireless, Ridgefield, CT, offers wireless, noncontact magnetic sensors. In the presence of their actuating magnet, the sensors send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmable receivers that accept up to 10 discrete telegrams per channel. The sensors are powered by a long-life, field-replaceable lithium battery. They are available for operation at 915 MHz (USA/Canada/Australia) or 868 MHz (Europe). The sensors have a maximum nominal transmission range of 40 m indoors (450 m free air) and a sensing range of up to 30 mm. They feature bidirectional communications with the receiver confirming receipt of telegram. A limit switch signal is configurable at the receiver (e.g., NO, NC, other). The ingress protection rating is IP67, and mechanical life expectancy is >1 million actuations. The operating temperature range is –20 to +65 C. Options include stainless-steel or glass-fiber-reinforced plastic housing and transmission range extenders.

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