EpoxySet, Lincoln, RI, has released the the SetWORX™ line of high-performance materials, which were developed to be nonhazardous for shipping, thus reducing costs associated with hazardous materials. Most of the materials in the SetWORX line contain no BPA, tin, or phthalates. Examples included the SetWORX USEAL U47MP and SetWORX 60. The USEAL U47MP is a durable, abrasion-resistant urethane adhesive and sealant for environmental protection that yields strong bonds to most substrates. The SetWORX 60 is a toughened epoxy that exhibits high bond and peel strength to metals, ceramics, and many hard-to-bond plastics such as PVC, Lexan, and Ultem, even at higher temperatures. It also has excellent electrical insulating and dielectric properties.

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