Bal Seal Engineering, Foothill Ranch, CA, has expanded its line of sealing products to include the spring-energized PTFE “C-ring” seal. This seal, which can be retrofit into grooves originally designed for elastomeric O-rings, offers improved performance and service life in hardware with large tolerance variations. The C-ring seal combines the low friction properties of PTFE and simple, streamlined jacket geometry to achieve better sealing for more cycles. The seal is available in a range of materials, including virgin PTFE and filled PTFE. It is ideal for use in low-pressure (<100 ft/min) applications that require frictional control, and its polymer jacket expands under thermal cycling conditions to maintain contact pressure. Cross sections range from 1/16 to ½ in., with radial tolerances of 0.010 to 0.075 in. Tolerance ranges are dependent on ambient pressure, media type, and surface finish conditions.

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