Micronor, Camarillo, CA, introduced the MR386 ZapFREE® Microswitch — a fiber-optic microswitch for MRI, medical, and industrial applications. It is interchangeable with the industry-standard V15-series electrical microswitch. The Micronor MR386 nonelectrical, passive sensor provides EMI and RFI immunity, isolation from high voltage and lightning and inherent safety in explosive atmospheres. It can operate interference-free over distances up to 1500 m. Industrial and MRI safe models are offered. The industrial model features an extended temperature range of –40 to +80 ºC. The nonmetallic MRI safe model was purposely designed for use inside the bore and is magnetically invisible to the imaging process. With a temperature range of –5 to +60 ºC, this model targets medical, hospital, laboratory, and instrumentation applications.

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