Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Steinbach, Germany, offers a UV adhesive for bonding plastics that is available in three different viscosities. The appropriate viscosity can be chosen depending on the application. Vitralit® 7311 is low viscosity and works well for tight bond gaps, Vitralit 7311 T is a mid-range viscosity version, and Vitralit 7311 Gel features high-viscosity, non-flowing properties.

All three variations of Vitralit 7311 adhere to most plastics, such as PC, PVC, and PMMA, as well as to metal and glass. The adhesive is transparent and non-yellowing and is resistant to alcohols and humidity. Once cured, the adhesive will be viscoplastic. For use in medical applications, Vitralit 7311 is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards.

The adhesive cures in seconds with ultraviolet or visible light. High-intensity LEDs at 405 nm wavelength are recommended for the best curing results. This wavelength also allows the bonding of UV-blocked materials like polycarbonate.

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