Researchers have developed a biosensor device that allows them to monitor their anticoagulants such as Sintrom (aceno-coumarol). This device would allow the patient or doctor to regulate the dose and achieve the optimal effect, something key in people medicated with anticoagulants.

The plasmonic device contains gold nanostructures in which specific bioreceptors can be linked that detect biomarkers in a reproducible and exact way from a small sample of blood of the patient, without the need to carry out a previous treatment.

Because it is a quantitative and highly sensitive technology, the device is suitable for use in clinical centers to maintain a constant measurement of a medication or, enable the patients themselves to control of medication.

According to the researchers, they have studied the optimal conditions to develop the biosensor device and obtained an excellent sensitivity to detect the anticoagulant, which indicates that it is possible to measure very low concentrations of this drug.

Patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases or thromboembolic disorders are usually treated with anticoagulants such as Sintrom, to prevent clots from forming. But this treatment has risks, explain the researchers. The right dose depends on many factors such as weight, age, diet and interaction with other medications.”

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