A special event at MD&M Minneapolis will demonstrate ultrasonic welding technology. The lunch-and-learn event, which will be held October 31, will begin with an introduction and overview presented by Tom Hoover, Emerson’s business development segment manager (medical), who will will detail the full range of Branson technology and products — including ultrasonic and clean laser technology — as well as support and service offerings for customers across the medical industry.

Attendees will also have an exclusive preview of Branson’s latest ultrasonic innovation, the Branson GSX Ultrasonic plastic welding system, which has been specifically designed to address medical industry demands for joining miniaturized parts with embedded electronics that require super-precise actuation force.

“The new Branson GSX System leverages major advances in actuation and control to help medical manufacturers achieve a process that’s superior in consistency and repeatability. Its advanced user interface offers selectable, tunable actuation force controls, ergonomically designed to enable set up and optimization of the GSX system in minutes, not hours or days,” says Tarick Walton, Emerson’s global product manager, ultrasonics, who will co-host the event.

Like other Branson technology for medical device makers, Walton says, the system also allows for the complete data output tracking needed for maximum manufacturing efficiency, unbroken product traceability, and regulatory compliance.

The event, which will be held from 11:45 am to 1 pm in the 103DE area of the show, includes an attendee lunch, presentation, Q&A session, and access to Branson specialists for individualized advice and support. Customers are invited to continue the discussion at the Emerson booth (Booth 1523) throughout the MD&M Show.

Seating at the event is limited and must be reserved in advance. For more information or to reserve a spot, visit the MD&M Event Page.