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Amgen has released a new video detailing the use and operation of its Autotouch device for the company’s Enbrel arthritis drug. The eight-minute video describes how the automatic device allows a patient to administer the drug by simply placing it painlessly on the skin.

The Enbrel Mini with AutoTouch is reusable for up to two years or up to 130 injections, whichever comes first. According to Amgen, it is designed with a comfortable gray finger grip, an easy-to-press status button, and a hidden needle. It also has an injection progress bar and lights and sounds that confirm when the injection is finished.

The video was created by Spotburner, which specializes in the production of videos for medical devices and the healthcare industry. It employs live action and animation to demonstrate how to use the device and its single-dose prefilled cartridges..

“For Amgen, our high-end animation team provided product and anatomical animation elements, which were integrated into the live-action production that we shot in our digital studios,” says Bob Bekian, CEO of Spotburner.

Bekian says the company worked from a rigorously written script to create the 6K video that met stringent FDA requirements and the demands of Amgen’s internal quality control department.