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Heraeus Medical Components, a global business unit of Heraeus Holding GmbH, has entered into a purchase agreement for the acquisition of Biotectix. The acquisition will enable Heraeus Medical Components to offer the Biotectix conductive polymer materials to enhance the performance of sensing and stimulation electrodes used in diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices. Heraeus Medical Components is headquartered in St. Paul, MN.

Formed in 2007, Biotectix specializes in polymer-based conductive materials for medical devices and is best known for its development of Amplicoat™ and Tecticoat™, two highly durable electro-conductive polymer coatings. Amplicoat enhances electrical communication at the interface of human tissue and medical device electrodes while Tecticoat provides electrical conductivity, shielding, and electrostatic dissipation for skin-contacting applications. Biotectix is based in Richmond, CA.

According to the Heraeus, special conductive polymer coatings like Amplicoat provide benefits such as the miniaturization of electrodes while enabling signal sensing, increased charge delivery, and extended battery life for next-generation medical devices. Tecticoat is designed for products used outside the body, and Amplicoat is designed for products used inside the body. The company says that both coating materials can be easily applied to a variety of electrodes for applications, including cardiac electrophysiology mapping, pacing, neural recording, neuromodulation, and external wearable products.

“We constantly work with our medical device customers to find ways to make products less invasive with added functionality for improved performance and at a lower cost,” says Dr. Nicolas Guggenheim, president of Heraeus Medical Components. “The medical electrode is a critical part of the equation, and Heraeus is a world leader in stimulation electrodes. Biotectix has truly been an innovator with their electro-conductive polymer solutions. Combining our electrode expertise with Biotectix opens up new possibilities for us to deliver new solutions for our customers.”

The Heraeus Group is headquartered in Hanau, Germany. It manufactures components and coordinated material systems for a variety of industries, including medical.