Engineers at the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute (Fort Worth, TX) and The University of Washington (Seattle, WA) have developed a healing glove that delivers needed medicine to an injured hand. The device, known as the Bioengineered Smart-Glove for Regenerative Healing of Extremity Trauma, speeds up recovery and rehabilitation time.

The hand restoration process often leaves significant scar formation and stiffness. The hand is often immobilized, delaying rehabilitation exercises and reducing dexterity. The REHEAL Glove provides commonly used negative pressure wound therapy while delivering therapeutics and controlling the wound environment. The flexible polymeric dressing delivers topical gels and creams, washes any abrasion, and removes fluid. To avoid painful removal, the glove does not adhere to the wound. Transparent silicone allows for continuous monitoring of the injury.

“The REHEAL Glove offers a chance to better preserve and restore that connection by maintaining hand function while improving healing in the most severe of hand injuries,” said Dr. Christopher Allan of the University of Washington.