The University of Chicago has launched the first secure cloud-based computing system that enables researchers to access and analyze human genomic cancer information without the costly and cumbersome infrastructure normally needed to download and store massive amounts of data.

The Bionimbus Protected Data Cloud enables researchers authorized by the National Institutes of Health to access and analyze data in The Cancer Genome Atlas without having to set up secure, compliant computing environments capable of managing and analyzing terabytes of data, download the data, and install the right tools needed to perform analyses.

Using technology that was developed in part by the Open Science Data Cloud, a National Science Foundation-supported project that is developing cloud infrastructure for large scientific datasets, the Bionimbus Protected Data Cloud provides researchers with a more cost- and time-effective mechanism to extract knowledge from massive amounts of data.

By embracing cloud computing as a global issue, this project brings together the expertise of many researchers, not only in the United States, but worldwide.