Medical Design Briefs kicked off 2012 with a feature on neuromodulation and its current and future applications, which range from the therapeutic benefits of deep brain stimulation, to artificial pacemakers. Take a look at the full article here, and you'll quickly see why neuromodulation offers exciting possibilities and benefits for patients who suffer from a variety of ailments. A new report from GBI Research now puts some numbers on the potential growth of this market.

The report shows that the neurostimulation devices market will grow to reach $5,305.5m by 2018. According to the study, deep brain stimulators currently compose about 17 percent of the market for user-friendly neurostimulation devices, while spinal cord stimulators boast a share of 4.9 percent. However, the researchers predict that spinal cord stimulation devices will gain the bulk of the share of the neurostimulation devices market by 2018.